Carols by candlelight

St Mary, East Guildford

St Mary, the church in East Guldeford, built in 1505, held its carol service on Sunday, December 16,  with readings interspersed with music from Ryesingers. The fantastic acoustics enhanced the choir’s beautiful voices. While, in comparison to some others, the choir is quite small, about 25 members, the sound was rich, together and the voices rose with lovely harmonies – the altos and sopranos were superb. New members are always welcome, especially in the bass section.

Ryesingers delight the audience with the carol service

The church is simple but beautiful and with a few alterations, still stands as it was built in the first years of the 16th century. At the time the walls would have been richly decorated, prior to the removal of Catholic images, with the usual array of icons, candles and cross. There is no electricity so the service and carol concert is held in the afternoon, lit by candles, which makes it all the more atmospheric. Next year’s date for the December concert will be announced nearer the time.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster.


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