Laugh the evening away

Half of Rye Ukulele Experiment

On Tuesday, February 26, I attended a performance by the Rye Ukulele Experiment. This was held at The Queen’s Head in the Landgate. There were lots of participants, some of whom played other instruments, including the banjo and tambourine, as well as the ukulele.

The instrumentalists each have a ukulele and collection of song books, with an eclectic mix of music to select from. Everyone participates in keeping a light-hearted and humorous atmosphere.

On Wednesday, February 27 The Queen’s Head held an Open Mic session, which happens the last Wednesday of every month. Generally, there is  a small selection of people including myself that sing at these. Some people play instruments as well.

Generally, both these events are community nights out, to have fun, and listen and sing along with some great songs. Come and enjoy the humour filled late evenings and join in the Rye spirit.

Image Credits: Axa Arcadia.


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