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Published on September 7 2017. Culture
Multi media art in Peasmarsh
View from Stone Church to Woodchurch by David Hall

Multi media art in Peasmarsh

Camber Sands, family and kite by Christine King

On Saturday, September 2 and 3 various artists held an interesting art exhibition in Peasmarsh Memorial Hall. There were eight artists of which three live in Rye. The medium was a mix of oil, water colour and pencil. Following are my favourites of each artist and details about the artists from the brochure.

RX130 – Andrew Viner

Christine King (above) is a successful and accomplished local artist who has specialised in creating the finest pet portraits, together with admired commissions for houses and landscapes. Her work is greatly valued by clients, capturing the personalities of her clients and their likeness and she is able to adapt to new ways of working in water colour, oil and pencil.

Black Umbrella and Net shops in Rock-a-Nore by Ann Crouch

Andrew Viner’s (left) family moved to Winchelsea Beach in 1989  when he was 2 years old. He now lives and works in Rye. From an early age, predominantly self taught though attending art courses in Brighton, he has now emerged as a professional artist, inspired by coast and surrounding countryside. He has exhibited throughout Europe and in the USA.

Ann Crouch (below) was taught in the 70’s by Kitty French, a well known local artist and draws her inspiration from the beautiful landscapes in the area, objects,people’s customs and events. She hopes to write and illustrate a children’s book.

David Hall (below, right) has lived in the Isle of Oxney since his childhood. After four years apprenticeship as a cabinet maker and in antique restoration, he became a full time restorer in a shop, eventually setting up his own workshop in Wittersham where he makes high class quality bespoke furniture as well as restoring antiques.

Peruvian Beggar by David Hall

Janet Milner designs

Janet Milner (below) works primarily with mono types loving their immediacy and opportunity for accidental mark making. Her work is a celebration of ordinariness, a reflection of her fascination with the commonality of clutter and mundane experiences that surround identity and human life and the ability to present throwaway remarks and objects in an intriguing way. 

Five faces of John Lennon

Wendy Sabine (left) is an elected member of the of the Hilliard Society of miniaturists and the Society of Limners. As well as traditional miniatures she paints landscapes, wild life, local areas and has a full range of limited editions of prints taken from all these original paintings. The picture here, a canvas print is an edited version of the original of five faces of John Lennon which was a commission.

Rosemarie Crouch (below, right) is interested in drawing and painting life and still life of all varieties. She loves moving around their interacting forms, colours and tones to make her compositions, developing from new experiences and influences from the past. Rosemary also works in ceramics. She has lived in Beckley for fifty years.

Michael Jon Preston (below, left) was born in Folkestone, grew up in Lydd, Kent then Camber, finally moving into the Rye area. The magic of Michael’s art work lies in the ability to use his artistic creativity to show vibrant colour and quirky interpretation of buildings, landscapes and seascapes. He takes many photographs in each location to achieve the desired portrayal. Michael’s other interest is working with wood. He is a trained cabinet maker and skilled picture framer.

Father and Son, Soprano sings by Rosemarie Crouch

Ypres Castle by Michael John Preston



Photos: Heidi Foster

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