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Rye, GB
Wednesday, January 23 2019

Rye taxi driver ‘disgraceful’

Bad service is not good for the reputation of the town, as this letter demonstrates

Slippery path?

Is Rye going down a dangerous path? A reader gives his view of recent building in the town

Lost camera

A reader is anxious to know if her lost camera has been found.

Pavement overgrown? Use the road

A pensioner takes on the traffic

Fire alarm

Take care with those barbecues

Overgrown Rye

Clean-up for the town?

A money-making scheme?

Yet another inappropriate fine at Camber

Yet another parking complaint

The complaints about Smart Parking keep coming in

Where is John's painting?

A reader from Oman is searching for a John Izod painting

Another view of the seaside

Another Camber resident airs her views on the annual summer invasion

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