Another view of the seaside

Up to 25,000 visitors can cram on to Camber Sands on hot days

Dear Sir
When summer arrives, Camber consistently sees days of inconsiderate driving and parking, cars littering the village as car parks fill up and drivers losing their tempers.
When the weather is hot and folks have been stuck in there cars for possibly hours, it is no wonder tempers fray as children cry etc.
I really do not think that this situation would be tolerated at a ‘Music Festival’ or ‘March’ or any large gathering of people.
Camber Sands has achieved iconic status over the generations but it is no reason not to reassess the problem and the authorities not should but NEED to deal with this and not leave it to the people of the Village of Camber.
I do wish Rother Council would earn the income it receives from Camber and do something with the police and other figures of authority to deal with the overuse of Camber’s facilitates.
We know knife and gun crime is on the increase in greater London. I fear that this is becoming a volatile and dangerous area down here now, and it must be addressed properly and soon. 
Carol Macdonald

Photo: Rye News library


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