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Published on June 15 2017. Opinions
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Who ‘deserves’ a council house?


Dear Sir,

I believe Rye Town Council has now found a house to buy. The idea of buying a property was first mooted early last year. I understand from the initial leaflet which was sent out to households to get our opinion, that the decision was made to help a local family to remain local at an affordable rent, i.e. not the full market rent.

While I can see the positive thought behind this action I would like to know:

1. How is Rye Town Council choosing this “deserving” family from the many who need affordable housing, which is a rarity in Rye?

2. From the leaflet details and talking to a councillor it seems that this arrangement will be for five years with the hope that the family can save money and eventually have enough money either to get on the housing ladder or have three months’ deposit for private housing, unless there have been changes during discussions about the way in which this is to be managed.

The question here is, even if they manage to save a little, in five years time everything will have gone up, especially in Rye. Why would this family want to leave the affordable home when the children are in local schools with their friends around?

I hope there will be transparency as to how the Town Council is dealing with these issues and we will be told when they will be discussing it in the full Council.

Heidi Foster

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  1. Charlie Harkness, A Rye Town Councillor says:

    As a former councillor Heidi should remember that meeting agendas and the minutes of those meetings are published on the council website (…and meetings are open to the public.

    This issue has been discussed by the council on a number of occasions, the last being a Special Meeting of the Council on June 5. Item 31 Discounted Accommodation shows that the council has sought advice from a lettings agent on the tenancy criteria and is now seeking further advice from its solicitors and a junior barrister.

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