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Published on July 13 2017. Opinions
Rubbish bins!
Rubbish bin in Lion Street
You write:

Rubbish bins!

Dear Sir

Several months ago the rubbish bin in The Mint mysteriously disappeared. After a number of telephone calls and an exchange of emails with Rother we were delighted to find we had been assigned a new, rather up market replacement!

The new multi-purpose bin in the Mint accepts litter and dog waste

Because of this ‘happening’ I found myself noticing that a number of bins in Rye were quite shabby. However, I particularly noticed the parlous state of the bin outside the Kino. Bearing in mind that Rye has a tourist population and that those of us living in Rye love our town can we not persuade the Town Council, (perhaps prompted by the Kino) to apply for a replacement for this wreck of a rubbish bin.

The unsafe bench seat in the High Street with notice

Editor’s comment: While we’re on the subject, how about the bench seat outside Grammar School Records in the High Street, which is taped off and has a notice saying: “This bench is not safe to sit on”. Rother Council please repair (properly this time).

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