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Published on January 11 2018. Opinions
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Rubbish tip?

Dear Sirs

For over a year a very large wooden display has been left broken on the side of the road. There is now another – a Christmas in Rye poster, also very big and with large wooden poles attached. This is also broken and lying in the grass by the road. This in turn has attracted empty food boxes. Who will clear it away? It seems that the council is not interested. This rubbish is on the left of the roundabout at the top of Udimore Road.

Are these displays allowed to be installed when ever someone thinks it the best way of getting attention? Surely permission is needed and some payment? If permission were necessary this would not happen.


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  1. John Stedman says:

    This is a complete guide – and yes, in general permission is required for anything which exceeds 0.6sq m in size.

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