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Published on June 15 2017. Living
Cream tea delight in open garden
A corner of Little Orchard House's garden

Cream tea delight in open garden

Rye Conservation Society is holding its Annual Garden Party on Sunday June 18 to which all are welcome.

The “secret” garden of Little Orchard House, 3 West Street, Rye is being opened to members and non members of the Society to enjoy from 2:30pm to 5pm.

And the cost of admission (£4 for members and £5 for non-members) includes the price of one of the finest cream teas to be enjoyed anywhere East of Devon!

Plus there is the chance to visit the magnificent 18th century tower in the garden, with fabulous views over Rye. Sometimes called the smugglers tower’, no-one is sure why it was built in 1769, with some stories that it was used by the ridiculously wealthy but insanely misogynistic Proctor family to spy on their wives or mistresses!

Otherwise, it might just have been a simply status symbol for the suddenly very wealthy family who wanted to show off their wealth and class. You can come along, take a tour of the tower and make your mind up.



Photo: Michael Prince

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