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Published on May 19 2017. Living
Dr Savage and ‘ramblinn’
The Fat Tuesday Marching Band led by Dr Savage

Dr Savage and ‘ramblinn’

Dr Savage – brilliant musician

There is music at Globe Inn Marsh, Military Road every Thursday evening. Last week, on May 11 we were entertained by Dr Savage. Readers may remember him from two years ago at the Jazz Festival when he led The Fat Tuesday Marching Band with his megaphone through Rye. Anyone who would like to know more of what goes on at the Globe Inn Marsh phone 01797 225 220. 

Middle rest on the Ramblinns trail

Dr Savage’s smoky blues voice, sense of humour and fastest fingers flying across the piano held the attention of the audience as they enjoyed the music. If you want to see him for yourself, he can be heard every first Sunday at the Albion, Hastings.

An exciting possibility I was made aware of that night is The Ramblinns. The idea is to ramble between the Globe and its two sister pubs on the Marsh

Last or first Marsh inn depending on direction

Possibly start at the Globe Inn Marsh, for breakfast, then after a leisurely (but fairly lengthy) stroll, arrive at the Woolpack Inn, Warehorn, Kent, (01233 732 900) for light lunch and then try dinner (which you will certainly need, by the time you get there) at the Five Bells Inn, Brabourne,  I was told it is a lovely walk along the Military canal, but maybe a car, or even a bike, will ensure you still have sufficient energy left at the end to enjoy a drink and, doubtless, an excellent meal.




Photos: Courtesy Dr Savage and Ramblinns

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