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Lanterns for Christmas procession
Star lanterns from Wittersham

Lanterns for Christmas procession

A joint funding collaboration between the Rye Fund at Sussex Community Foundation and four local primary schools has provided the Rye Christmas Festival with the opportunity to create an exciting new project this year.

Lanterns from Peasmarsh

Working with Radiator Arts, a fantastic arts organisation based in Hastings, alongside Wittersham school, St Michael’s in Playden, Peasmarsh school and St Thomas in Winchelsea the project has produced more than 60 incredible and distinctive illuminated lanterns.

Artists from Radiator Arts visited each school. Over the course of a day they taught the children how to make and decorate Christmas themed shapes. Using only willow, tissue paper, masking tape, glue, and lights the children created beautiful Christmas Trees, Stars, Baubles and Robins. Everyone, including the volunteers who kindly helped on the day, learned new skills, and had great fun, wrestling with willow and getting very sticky.

Come and see the finished lanterns spread light and magic as the very proud children carry their marvellous creations in the Rye Christmas procession on December 9. The procession starts at 4:30pm.

Source: Rye Christmas Festival

Photos: Rye Christmas Festival

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