Northiam blooms

Surrounded by plants

A smaller queue

The annual Northiam Horticultural Plant Fair with Great Dixter was held on a really beautiful sunny, warm Saturday May 5 at Northiam Village Hall.  A modest sign: Plant Sale Open 2pm, pointed to the front of the hall and a long queue of people. However, the car park was not full and there were fewer people waiting than last year. On enquiring afterwards of some regulars who were not there, it seems a number had not seen the adverts and more people were out due to the warmth of the weather, unexpected on a Bank Holiday!
Eager customers

At precisely 2pm, as always, the doors opened.  This time it was possible to move freely around the tables which were loaded with excellent quality plants. Great Dixter had a large display down the middle of the floor, and there were a lot of other members of Northiam Horticultural Society selling their plants. There was a really wide variety available and the prices were very reasonable. Business was very brisk and by the time the end of the queue reached the hall, the first people in through the doors were coming out loaded up with boxes and bags full of greenery. Now all that was left was to plant them!

Photos Gillian Roder


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