Open Day at Rope Walk

hair, nails, beauty treatment-your choice
Leesa Doughty and Sam Manklow

I was struggling home down Conduit Street on Saturday February 4 (cobbles are not conducive to a fractured ankle) when I noticed bustling ahead, outside Rope Walk Arcade. Being curious, I ventured down the road and was told they were having an open day to show of the new sign at the front of the building and for the two brave young women, Leesa Doughty and Sam Manklow, who were launching their new hair and beauty salon, at 13 Rope Walk Arcade.

Inside, the arcade it was busy with a good mix of people and stalls along the middle of the arcade. I am sure the shop keepers would like it to be like this on other days.

‘Ambiance Encounter’

Event organiser Liz Pendennis (Christmas in Rye) offered me a glass of fizz, lovely. If needing a perfectly planned, unforgettable event, Liz is the person to call. (07854633644).

Next was a stall offering beautiful cupcakes. If celebrating a special occasion Astrid can provide fun cakes for you.

Young girls performed their dance routine which was very professional. Onwards, I gave some attention to the actual shops and have to say that I don’t think we give them enough credit for trying to offer different services than the high street. I passed ‘Retro Barbers’, another hairdresser.

‘The Cupcake Queen’ of Westfield

Further on, I saw’Ambiance Encounter’, run by Valery Okon (handmade Fair Trade unique products and crafts). Loved Mark Seymour’s pest control service for rats, mice, wasps, flies and more, and Chris Willis’s ‘Computerc8’, or phone 07454936312, both incredibly useful. Chris is great at repairing one’s computer in his shop, 28 Rope Walk Arcade or in your home.

There are other services like the laundrette which is open till 3:30pm and the flower stall in front of the building. I do hope that the new sign, open day and new business will revitalise the arcade and entice people to support it.

Photos by Heidi Foster


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