Party into 2019

Dance like no-one's watching

It’s only the third month into 2019 and the year is off to a great start.

On Saturday, March 2, Claire Cosson hosted a 70s and 80s party at St Mary’s Centre beside the Kino. The party opened at 8pm and by 8:30pm it was it in full flow. Throughout the night classic 70s and 80s songs were played many of which the whole dance floor sung along to.

Music blared from the DJ, some dressed casually, some fancy, and some in full-on 70s – 80s glitz and glam. There were disco balls and lights flashing, reflecting off the sparkles worn. Some 40-50 people flooded the floor with smiles, screams and delight.

Whether you sit and watch, glass in hand, or go on the floor movin’ and groovin’ you’re bound to have thrills of excitement and a chance to dance.

Claire Cosson would like to give special thanks to the DJ, Peter and Angie.

Did you go? Were you brave enough to get out on the floor and let your freak fly?

Image Credits: Axa Arcadia.


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