Hope for former ARRCC members

Potential members of Encompass Care meet up  

Local charity ARRCC recently went into liquidation. Irna Mortlock, formerly ARRCC’s PR, media, marketing and volunteer co-ordinator, reports below on steps to provide replacement services to those ARRCC provided:
She writes : Encompass Care is a not for profit organisation that has been formed to offer social gatherings, arts, workshops, therapies and outings for the Rye and local area physically disabled and sensory impaired adults.

New logo for care service provider Encompass Care

Local support and offers of funding have been amazing, and Encompass Care will be applying for charitable status as soon as they can find permanent premises.
They completely understand the difficult position that ESCC (East Sussex County Council) find themselves in with regard to the Rye Creative Centre (formerly used by ARRCC), and have applied to rent premises there. Although, if they are offered space, it possibly will not be for some time.
To continue to offer a safe, friendly and interesting day, Encompass Care therefore has to find a ‘home.’
I met up with most of the ex-ARRCC members last Friday at their Fishing Club Presentation and we had a wonderful reunion. It’s been two very long weeks since they had seen each other, and I feel that their comments, rather than my words, tell a far better ‘story’.
Some of the comments made were:
“We want to keep together in familiar surroundings, so that we can continue with our arts projects, workshops and outings, as our partners/carers need their respite desperately.”
“We have been friends for many years, in some cases 18 years, and it’s not so easy to make new friends in new and strange surroundings.”
“We need stability and familiarity to build our confidence, so that we can explore new experiences but, to do this, we need support.”
When I told them that Encompass has hired Winchelsea Beach Village Hall this Thursday, May 3, for the day, they all put their names down to come – even though, at the moment we cannot offer transport.
Volunteers and family members immediately offered to bring people along as, of course, the impact on their respite is of prime importance to our disabled group.

Photo: Irna Mortlock


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