Mayor visits Venetian fete

Bernadine Fiddimore, centre, with other Cinque Ports mayors and other dignitaries
peter pam
Peter Pan and crew float past

Thousands of people flocked to Hythe last week to watch the spectacular Venetian Fete which took place along the Military Canal. The event was attended by local dignitaries including Rye’s Bernadine Fiddimore and other Cinque Ports mayors.

The fete was first held in 1869 and now takes place every two years. Decorated floats process down the canal in the daylight. Then a grand firework display takes place, followed by the return of the floats, now illuminated and lighting up the darkness.

This year there were 35 floats, including music from the L&A Band, from Poperinge in Belgium, Hythe’s twin town. The floats themes were varied, the Clangers, Peter Pan, the Tooth Fairy, 50 Shades of Grey, Alice in Wonderland and Poppies at the Tower were just a few of the eclectic range.

Spectators sit on the steep banks of the canal, many had brought picnics, although there was also an excellent selection of stalls and food outlets.

The weather was glorious and the rain held off until everyone was on their way home. The only sour note was near the end when children on the Tavistock Tours float decided to spray spectators with canal water from high powered water pistols. Not as funny as the children clearly thought.

Photo: Seana Lanigan