Minibuses vandalised

Nova Bussing - Winchelsea Road, Rye

Some while ago the local bus company, Nova Bussing moved from their Rock Channel premises to a more open site on Winchelsea Road.

Sadly the sight of a line of their smart minibuses, now clearly in view from from the road, proved too tempting for thieves who broke into the yard during the early hours of December 18.

Four minibuses were broken into, the driver’s window removed and then the exhaust and catalytic converter were ripped out of each vehicle. Catalytic converters, as car owners who have had to have one replaced will know, are, due to the value of their component parts, very expensive items and Nova Bussing estimate that the cost of the damage will run into tens of thousands of pounds.

The theft was carried out by three males and took place between 3:40am and 4:40am. If any of our readers saw or heard anything they should contact the police on 01273 470101 or by just dialling 101.

Source: Nova Bussing

Also this week Rye News hears that lead has been stolen from the roof of the Heritage Centre. The hole that the thieves left has been covered by plastic sheeting and the police are investigating. There was no further news on this at the time of going to press but as both crimes took place on the same night and both involved the theft of valuable metals, the possibility of the same gang being responsible has not been ruled out.


Image Credits: Nova Bussing.


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