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Published on August 31 2017. News
Rail unions strike again
Will it ever end?

Rail unions strike again

Another two days of “industrial action” has been announced by the RMT union affecting Southern Railways services today, Friday, and Monday, September 1 and 4
Southern say they plan to run normal services on most of their routes (now, that would be unusual all by itself). But one of the routes expected to be affected is the MarshLink peak services (the Rye Shuttles) – as usual, there should be a replacement bus.

I imagine most Rye passengers are familiar with the routine by now but it is advisable to check the specific service you are planning to take on Southern’s website –

Passengers can claim compensation if they are delayed by 15 minutes or more at and MLAG would recommend passengers do that to enable Government to be aware of just a small part of the financial cost of the industrial action that is not being appropriately dealt with. On this theme, current news reports suggest that ASLEF is having its own talks with the Government, excluding the RMT: this seems to be a strange approach to rapprochement and MLAG has concerns that this could result in more action by the RMT.

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