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Published on February 2 2017. News
Scallop Festival starts soon
Scallops at the Standard

Scallop Festival starts soon

Scallop Week in Rye looks set to be bigger than ever this year with a whole host of events and venues being prepared. From Saturday February 18 to Sunday 26, the Festival will present the gastronomic delights of the scallop. Featured will be old and new recipes and exciting ways of presentation, where scallops can be purchased for home cooking, and where they can be enjoyed in entertaining surroundings, perhaps with the accompaniment of music to delight the senses.

The Festival will welcome scallop aficionados back to Rye for their annual visit, but also give new zest to our regular “bon viveurs” who have been eagerly awaiting the return of the scallop season.

For a full list of venues and events go to

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