An ode to the 0706

Where is the train?

….on the occasion of the May 2018 timetable changes
Dear Sir
At six minutes past the seventh hour
Come rain, come shine, come hail shower,
A small green train arrived on time,
To take us on The Marshlink Line.
(Excepting days when our trips would be,
Disrupted by the RMT
Or when the ASLEF staff would fail
To work the day for Southern Rail
Also, when engineers were unable
To fix a dodgy braking cable
Or when those golden leaves would meet
To slip the wheels at steep Ham Street
Or crossing gates would fail once more,
And delay the train at Appledore.)
But now it’s gone! Not once more seen!
And we must catch the seven sixteen.
So – farewell train. And wish us well,
We still must face commuting hell.
Mike Anderson

Photo: Rye News library


  1. Hey, Mike. Don’t forget all those ‘new journey possibilities’ that Southern has generously created for you (as well as messing your life up).


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