Cars shame Armistice Day

War memorial

A few of us, including a young man representing his great-grandfather, attended the 11 0’clock silence at the Rye Cenotaph in St Mary’s churchyard on Saturday, November 11. Not even on such a national Remembrance Day was the area free of parking: two cars were parked right up to the stone perimeter of the monument and there were others very close by.

Had any members of the District council or our own Town Council been present, then I hope they would have felt ashamed. On Sunday, November 12, actual Remembrance Sunday, would the cars make way for the dignitaries? Of course, they did and it was closed off. Why cannot we have this dignity throughout the year?

Photo: Rye News library


  1. Car parking in the churchyard is at the discretion of the Rector, and nothing to do with either Council. Perhaps this comment could be raised with him.

  2. The matter of the parking has been mentioned to the Rector, who appears to see no problem and that users of the Church need to park there. Perhaps the garden area around the War Memorial needs to be extended to keep cars away from the whole perimeter.


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