Deadmans Lane – a lost opportunity?

A walk on the narrow side: Deadmans Lane, Rye

The recent closure of Deadmans lane for emergency services work brought into sharp focus the traffic arrangements for accessing the town centre. Basically that if you wish to access from the main A259 coast road there are but two choices, via Deadmans Lane or via Wish Street. Coming from the north and wishing to get to the High Street with Deadmans Lane closed means a series of ever-decreasing circles via South Undercliff, Wish Street and Cinque Ports Street.

Given the importance and traffic volumes of Deadmans Lane, what a pity that while the closure was in place the opportunity of filling numerous potholes and resurfacing the lane was not taken up. On reopening, the same holes remained, now supplemented by the minimum filling of the new main laid in. Given the difficulty of access for maintenance of this busy road, it would be interesting to learn why the whole surface wasn’t replaced? A lost opportunity indeed.

Image Credits: Rye News library.


  1. How one must agree with John steadman’s, ,comments about Deadmans lane, one of Ryes busiest thoroughfares, one must also ask Councillors Ampthill, and Glazier what happened about the empty promises from them, over 12 months ago, to remove the unsightly and dangerous railings, from the perimeter of Mountfield place.


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