Turning the tide

It is not too late to turn the tide of plastic on our beaches and in our seas

Marine ecosystems need our help

Are we right to welcome the relaxation of fishing restrictions? Dominic Manning argues that we should be careful what we wish for

Camber parking round-up

Summer visitors to Camber beach and the new parking regime at the Western car park are making life intolerable, say villagers

On the street where you live

Town living requires a greater sense of social responsibility than some of us are prepared to show

What should we do with our cars?

The parking problem in both Camber and Rye are not going to go away unless a brave solution can be found

A money-making scheme?

Yet another inappropriate fine at Camber

Yet another parking complaint

The complaints about Smart Parking keep coming in

Where is John's painting?

A reader from Oman is searching for a John Izod painting

Another view of the seaside

Another Camber resident airs her views on the annual summer invasion

Smart Parking problem

More trouble with Smart

Living with gulls

Time to learn to love the seagull

A hostile walking environment

Rye is surrounded by beautiful countryside walks but it's getting out of town safely that's the hard part

More car park woes in Camber

Yet another complaint about the running of Camber car park

All steamed up on crossing

Shock, horror - a level crossing is going to be re-instated

Visions of the Landgate

A personal opinion of progress (or otherwise) on Landgate repairs

How to deal with litter

It's up to all of us to keep Rye clean

Smart Parking

Yet another example of the way Smart Parking operate

What happens in September?

Our schools appear to be in trouble, so what is going to happen to them?

Smart Parking? Or not so smart?

Yet another case of mismanagement by Smart Parking?

Thanks to the Conquest

Conquest Hospital wins high praise for caring treatment