Free fitness February

Rye Leisure Centres Kenny Butchers

As I arrived at the Rye Leisure Centre for my third spin cycle session of the new year I was greeted at the reception by Kenny Butchers.  I asked him if there was anything of interest happening at the centre this month that the people of Rye should know about.
“Free for 2 February,” said Kenny, ushering me over to a promotional board. “This is the special offer this month” he added, and went on to explain that until the end of the month two people can have a three-day guest pass.  The free passes can be claimed from the reception or online.
During February there is also a swimming offer of six swims for the price of five, on offer to individuals and families, contact or visit reception for details of the swim passes.
This is a great opportunity for local people to encourage their friends or family members to participate in activities and exercise with them, improving both their lifestyle and well-being and as the slogan says: ‘ because it is better together’.
Kenny has been working for Freedom Leisure for 10 years after starting out as a centre attendant and has over the duration progressed onto the management side. He also plays football for Rye Town and has recently put in some outstanding performances.

Photo: Micky Day


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