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Published on May 19 2017. Sport
Push the boat out at RHSC
No time was lost in getting on to the water

Push the boat out at RHSC

 The sun shone but force five winds made challenging conditions for the skippers from Rye Harbour Sailing Club (RHSC), who pushed their boats out last weekend to encourage everyone to have a go at sailing.

Taster sailors coming and going

As a member of RHSC I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons helping people into life jackets of all shapes and sizes before they clambered aboard for a taster sail. The RYA encourages clubs to host annual ‘Push the Boats Out’ and last year saw over 350 venues across the UK getting 20,000 people out on the water.

Of the nearly 40 adults and children who tried sailing at RHSC over the weekend, some had no sailing experience, a few had sailed as children with keen sailor parents, two people with disabilities found that sailing was something they could really enjoy, and a new club member, moving from London to Hastings, wanted to learn all about the dinghy she had just bought and knew nothing about!

On Saturday the majestic cruisers and perky dinghies were afloat, while on Sunday the dinghies and the motorised Carey Marsh, took people up and down the River Rother.

Motorised Marsh and aquatic Marsh between them rescued the escaping Topper

Carey Marsh, of the boat of the same name, is the patriarch of three generations of sailors. Both his son Simon and grandson Edward took people sailing this weekend. Edward Marsh provided high drama on Sunday, diving into the river to swim after his topper, which, loosened from its mooring had bobbed off without him. Faster than you can tie a bowline, the Carey Marsh was on the scene and lassoed the escaped topper. Edward slid back in, picked up his next passenger and whizzed off again.

Welcome refreshments were on sale in the clubhouse and children took advantage of the nautically themed craft table. New member, Esme made a flotilla of coloured paper boats which she decorated with Push the Boat Out stickers.

The decked area, proved a popular spot to watch the boats go by. Knot tying and splicing were demonstrated while tasty sausages and burgers sizzled on the BBQ.

The club house had been brushed and scrubbed for the occasion as it was showing off a brand new shower block, open for the first time and forming part of a refurbishment project for which the club is currently raising funds.

Learning to sail can be a life changing experience, acknowledged by many who left the club feeling excited at having been afloat on the river or sea for the first time. Rye Harbour Sailing Club offers another opportunity to try sailing on Saturday 10th June, times to be confirmed and all welcome.

Please note
It is not recommended that anyone usually swim in the River Rother, due to the very strong tidal current and regular use by large shipping vessels and our fishing fleet.

Photos: RHSC

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  1. Joyce Nelson says:

    Very interesting and informative article, thank you. Good Luck for the future development of the RHSC.

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