Round Britain runner at Mermaid

Round Britain Runner Chris Shipley ready to start day 9

The Mermaid was proud to host Round Britain runner Chris Shipley during his 10 month journey around the coastline of Great Britain. He is raising funds for the charity Scope. Please support his great effort.
Chris Shipley writes:
“On February 26 2018 I’ll be setting off from my home in Hampshire to run the whole coastline of Great Britain. Over the past two years I have been thinking of ways to test myself both physically and mentally. Running the coast of Britain has appealed to me as I will also get to see some of the best sights this country has to offer along the way.
I also want to raise as much money as possible for Scope charity so please donate using the link at the side of this page or on any page of this website. I shall be using GPS to track my run and you can find my location by clicking on the GPS Track link below. If anyone is interested in running some of the coast with me, please contact me at
GPS Track

Photo: Martin Blincow


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