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Published on March 8 2018. Sport
Surfers speed on snow
Designer Anthony Skinner with his winch

Surfers speed on snow

The Winter Olympics and freezing inspired a group of Camber thrill-seekers to switch from the surf to the snow. The lack of suitable mountain ranges in the Rye area did not prevent them snowboarding at speed.

Petrol powered winches are primarily designed for wakeboarding on water but can also be used for snowboarding on the flat. Typically wakeboarding involves pulling a board along behind a boat, or in more recent times from an overhead cable system at water parks. With kitesurfing, the pull is provided by the kite.

However last week, freezing temperatures deterred even the most intrepid of kitesurfers and wakeboarders. But a local company came to the rescue of extreme-sports lovers with its portable winch, used to drive a spool that reels in a line at high speed, so a boat or water park is not needed. Instead the snow was the arena for daring exploits.

“It’s too cold to go out kite surfing but, when there is snow on the ground, its a shame to waste it!”, said Anthony Skinner, inventor and owner of Wakeboarding Winches UK. “As the line is approximately 300m in length, you can get a decent ride out of it.”

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Photo: Hen Durbin

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