Monthly Archives: June 2014

Whatever next?

Local cartoonist John Izod's take on the latest events in town. After the Monuments Men and Mapp & Lucia film shoots, anything can happen in Rye

Booze for free!

Tim Redfern reviews Andy Hamilton's foraging book "Booze for Free" and he can't wait to start sampling one or two of Andy's many recipes

Sun shines on garden party

An English garden party at its best was held in the lovely garden of Little Orchard House

Rotarians look in crystal ball

Our local rotary club focuses on its aspirations for the coming year and hopes to maintain the club's excellent track record of achieving high standards but in an enjoyable way

Backing for sea defences

Locals back Fairlight parish council over funding for improved coastal defence costs

Rother council banned from waste site

Rother council has been banned from seeing what happens to household waste

Rye United calls AGM

All are welcome to attend Rye United Football Club's annual general meeting on Thursday June 26 at the Clubhouse on the Salts, Fishmarket Road which will start at 8pm

Mapp & Lucia hit town

Spotting Mapp and Lucia: the BBC are in Rye for two months filming an adaptation of former Rye mayor EF Benson's series of comic novels. Tim Redfern will be commenting on the production itself and Charlie Harkness will observe how filming affects the town

Music therapy provides a voice

Banging drums, singing and bashing gongs are all good for you and this form of therapy is a good way for everyone to let off steam

Time restored at St Mary’s

The renovation of St Mary's church clock has revealed interesting historical details, united two towns and created a photographer's delight

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