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Sainsbury’s: more Qs than As

What happens next in the ongoing supermarket saga? Rye's planners and visionaries are rethinking the future. But that's not easy when so many things hang in the air

Your cottage: want to keep it?

A cottage in Rye's quaint Market Street, next door to the town hall, is the property of the townspeople, says councillor Mary Smith. So why, she asks, haven't the people been consulted about selling it off - an item on Monday night's agenda of the local council. Turn up and have your say, she urges the public

Car parking manoeuvres

Parking can be a problem in the town especially on Thursday's when it's market day, but Paul Barker has a solution

The plans are hotting up

Rye is preparing to seal its entry and exit points as the annual bonfire party on Saturday November 8th looms, with all the mayhem, magic and adventure that this implies

Come or go, Edith’s is staying

A landlord's plans to open a restaurant and cafe near Hilder's Cliff would have meant some businesses closing down, indeed Wood N Things moved out during the summer. But plans have changed with dress agency La Maison about to move in to Wood N Things' vacated premises and award-winning Natalie Macgowan Spencer opening a vintage Americana stockroom in the former Bird/Nest shop. We'll be reporting on both these projects nearer the time of their opening, but one other important change is that Edith's House coffee shop is staying put. Tony McLaughlin shared a cappuccino with the owners

Community group on the up

Tilling Green Community Friends is a group formed by volunteers from the community of Tilling Green. It is about neighbours helping neighbours, thus linking residents of Tilling Green and Badgers Gate who need a 'helping hand' with local volunteers willing to donate time and services.

Mixed fortunes for Icklesham

Mixed results for Icklesham Casuals as their second team lose in the cup but the veteran team remain unbeaten.

Rye hit opponents for six

Rye Cricket Club played their first indoor fixture in almost five years and, playing under new young captain Joe Lovell, the team won the match.

Beckley pensioner robbed

An elderly pensioner in Beckley was robbed of hundreds of pounds on Monday by a man claiming that she owed him money for gardening...

Ahem, something different starts here

Miss Rae would like to introduce herself. She sometimes likes to scratch (miaow!), hopefully not literally. Her taste might not be one you immediately approve...

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