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There’s nowt so queer as folk

I am the magpie of Rye and I'll share my finds with you. Do you need inspiration for something to buy/ do/ eat / drink or gossip about this week? Don't worry your unimaginative little head, Miss Rae is here. This week I'm talking about Grayson Perry, gay dads and a sugary cloud of satisfaction

Hats off to hospital fundraisers

Snazzy outfits, sassy models and extravagant hats drew a crowd to the second fashion show in aid of The Friends of the Hospital at Rye - and raised even more funds

Missing councillors

At Rye's public services committee meeting on Monday a resident pointed out that of the seven councillors appointed to the committee only one was present -...

Iden get back to winning ways

Despite some dismal finishing and chances going begging there were some positive signs - not to mention three points - when Iden hosted Robertsbridge

Local poet at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is the grand setting for a reading of poems by Jonty Driver, who lives at Mill Corner, Northiam (Jane Nunn writes). The poems, entitled Requiem, will...

Don’t be too early on Sunday

British Summer Time ends at 2am this Sunday (October 26) so you'll have an extra hour in the morning. The brighter early mornings are welcomed by farmers...

Mayor plants Sussex Mother

The community orchard is planted - with Mayor Bernadine Fiddimore getting her hands on the spade - but, as Pip Al-Khafaji reminds us, there's still lots more to do

Bureaucracy gone baaaa-my

Every time a sheep moves a government department knows about it. But does this make food any safer? And if officials can trace sheep, how come they can't locate all criminals and illegal immigrants?

Remember their sacrifice

An online record of men and women from Rye who have died in active service provides a wealth of information about their background, as well as a stark reminder of the human cost of war.

Then and now: what’s changed?

If you thought climate change and banks going bust were confined to the 21st century, you'd be wrong. The Rye Medieval Conference showed that our current ills are merely repeats of what happened many years ago

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