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Tilling unites behind Mapp & Lucia

When the BBC presented a preview of the forthcoming Mapp and Lucia series filmed in the town during the summer, the reception was unanimously enthusiastic. But while the two socialite rivals might be the principal characters, the real star is our location

Drivers enjoy a classic Sunday

There were traffic hold-ups at the Landgate on Sunday (November 16), but this time no one was complaining as a cortege of classic cars wound its way slowly around the centre of town

Here to help those who help others

The Rye Fund has again given away £7,000 in grants to local voluntary and charitable groups. But the list of recipients is not growing and the fund would like to help more of the smaller groups in town. So help yourselves: apply for a grant

Ukulele players’ crawl raises £160+

A dozen band members from the Rye Ukulele Experiment toured Rye's drinking establishments on November 14 to raise funds for Children in Need, writes Lorna...

The best panto? It’s behind you!

Acting Up in Rye is staging the pantomime "Old Mother Hubbard" on Friday and Saturday. Here's a few verses to whet your appetite and get you in the panto mood

In memory of RNLI heroes

Sunday was a day to cherish the memory of those who perished at sea trying to save others: the annual service to commemorate the 1928 lifeboat disaster of the Mary Stanford lifeboat at Rye Harbour

Honeymoon with Rye goes on

Jean Floyd isn’t a Ryer – but she knows it better than most. She has a detailed knowledge of the town's history and a handle on its future - as a director of the local museum and as a webmaster, too. Dee Alsey went to meet the woman who first fell in love with Rye just after marrying husband Barry in 1953

The true spirit of Benson

Allan Downend, Secretary of the EF Benson Society, attended the advanced screening of the first episode of the BBC series. He thought it was excellent and when it is shown at Christmas it should bring more people to the Mapp and Lucia books as well as to Rye.

Mapp, me and the magic . . .

It was a night for the Beeb's glittering stars as Ryers were treated to an advance showing of the first episode of "Mapp and Lucia". The other stars were there too: prime among them our chocolate box streets and well, me, actually, writes the man loved by the director's lens, our Tony McLaughlin

New life for old Christmas trees

Christmas trees look lovely until they start looking - and making - a mess. St Michael's Hospice has come up with the perfect solution to getting rid of your old tree: sign up to its scheme and your balding tree will be collected right from your doorstep

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