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A strictly salsa romcom

What better than a hot romantic comedy - Cuban Fury - to warm up your January, writes Neale East? The movie, the first Rye...

Guts but no goals bring Iden defeat

Iden slip down the table after defeat by current Premier division champions Hollington, but it was a game that meant the manager had to think on his feet and the team left the pitch with their heads held high

Showcasing local talent

Roll up, roll up for a packed show of Rye performers. Local charity ARRCC is gearing up for next week's variety showcase.

The merry making begins

Father Christmas paid Rye his first visit of the season, accompanied by snow children, a Santa baby and led by a marching bagpipe band. He likes Rye so much he'll be back this coming Saturday, too

Great win again for lads indoors

Another cracking performance and a resounding win against Netherfield brought a quality end to the first part of the season for Rye's indoor cricketers. Let's keep it up after Christmas boys, says Joe Lovell

Young film-makers tell their story

We are accustomed to adults bemoaning youth culture and its uncouth attitudes. Now young people can use film-making to express their own views on social issues

Dreaming of a brighter xmas . . .

This year's Christmas festivities in Rye are spread over three Saturdays. They're meant to draw crowds to the town. But critics are circling - if comments at Rye's full town council meeting are a genuine reflection of public opinion

Bomber Command honour at last

A Bomber Command airman, who ran a bed and breakfast in Rye after the war, has finally received the recognition and medal he and his fellow aircrew should have been awarded decades ago. Sadly, like so many others, he was no longer here to accept it

Old tales of Rye for young readers

Rye has been used as the setting for many great literary works. In the second of her series, Jean Floyd reviews the works of Malcolm Saville, whose children's books still have a devoted and loyal following today

Our starry, starry nights

The earth is turning away from the Milky Way towards Orion which, being closer and so appearing brighter and sharper, presents an excellent opportunity for stargazing, writes Nick Taylor - who also explains how to pronounce Betelgeuse

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