Monthly Archives: January 2015

Through the eyes of an owl

Humans tend to rely on forward vision, but our peripheral vision is far more sensitive to differences in light and dark and to movement. By developing this skill, our sensory perception can become greatly enriched - as martial artists have known for a long time and sportsmen and public speakers are discovering

Anything else you want, silly moos?

While the animals are bedded down for winter, with their owners waiting on them hand and foot, arable farmers are enjoying a well deserved break. But there are advantages to keeping livestock . . .

Beckley Rangers in goal fest

A great whole team performance - and man of the match Henry Donoghue scoring four goals - means Beckley Rangers are through to the semi-final of the Crowborough and District league cup

Casuals take on tough opposition

They had been beaten by the opposing team twice previously this season, but that did not deter Icklesham Casuals first team and, this time, they earned themselves a point

Rye Bay under eights play up

Rye Bay had their first game of 2015 away to Hastings Wanderers - and what a start to the new year! It was the best performance from the Rye Bay boys I have seen. Technically, the team lost, but they also won on so many different levels

Hard liquor slips down sloely

It wasn't just mothers downing their ruin at the first "Rye News" sloe gin competition. Expert judges sampled eight modern and vintage local brews and such a good time was had that a repeat performance next year was promptly ordered - hic!

Tourist centre’s glory short lived

Despite being a winner in the Beautiful South awards, the Tourist Information Centre in Lion Street won't be able to compete in the nationwide competition as by then it will have closed down. Sad news for the staff and their supporters, but it does mean there are some bargains to be picked up before the last day of opening on March 7

Hunt tally-hos through town

Town meets countryside when tradition and spectacle combine to bring the hunt up through the centre of town for a meet and a warming cup at the Mermaid Inn

Warm welcome for WI blankets

The "knit and natter" group of the Landgate Womens' Institute, which meets once a month, gets a lot of knitting done among all the nattering, writes...

Winchelsea loses sole tea shop

Want to get a cup of tea in Winchelsea? Forget it. There is no longer a tea room in town. The latest closure continues the downward spiral of the businesses operated by Winchelsea Farm Foods, a trading subsidiary of a charity run by local retired hedge fund manager Stephen Rumsey

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