Monthly Archives: January 2015

Break-in at supermarket

Thieves broke into Jempson’s store at Peasmarsh on Sunday afternoon January 4, when the shop was closed, writes Kenneth Bird. A sledgehammer was used to...

Quiz answers and ratings . . .

The answers to the quiz are: Rye Baptist Church opened in 1910 Adams of Rye have been printers since 1853 Rye Golf Club was formed in 1894 John Wesley...

Be your own planet spotter

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all visible at various times in the night skies this month. While Jupiter is the most prominent, an unobstructed horizon, persistence and a good pair of binoculars might help you find the most elusive of these planets: Mercury

Superb: let’s have a return visit

Could there be another series of "Mapp and Lucia" in the offing? Several national TV critics acclaimed the recent BBC production set in Rye, so here's hoping . . .

Heady rough stuff in Winchelsea

The centuries-old tradition of three teams battling to get a Frenchman's head into a single goal - no rules allowed - was continued with the usual enthusiasm by Winchelsea townsfolk. Visitors could, if wanted, also find less aggressive entertainments

A quiz for local know-it-alls

The editorial team of Rye News wanted a break over Christmas and New Year but one member, farmer Dennis Leeds-George, spent the time devising a testing start to 2015. Expose your (lack of) local knowledge here

The oldest boozer in town?

The Old Bell, The Ship, The Queens Head are among the contenders for the title. It's not which building is the oldest. No, the question is: which Rye public house holds the longest continuous licence?

Tilling ladies, please continue

The scenery was wonderful, the photography lush and the town definitely one of the stars of the production. But, in the recent BBC series, were Mapp and Lucia true to the rivals in EF Benson's books? What did the secretary of the Benson Society make of it all . . .

Dogs and consequences

Dear Editor All of us love dogs, and many of us are lucky enough to have one. But walking on some of the paths around Rye...

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