Monthly Archives: February 2015

Ashes to ashes at Pett Level

Steve Strange, who appeared in the video for David Bowie's hit "Ashes to Ashes", died last week. But the video on the beach lives on in glorious solarised and saturated colour

Children’s author wins mayor’s vote

Have you ever wondered how readers become addicted to particular authors? A Monica Edwards enthusiast, better known as Mayor of Rye, gives her account of her developing relationship with the books by this local author

A happy 103rd birthday

One of the town's oldest residents, David Wilkinson, whose military career took him to danger spots in many parts of the world, celebrated his birthday this week among family and friends

Town council far from toothless

In response to Cllr Mary Smith's Opinions page article in last week's "Rye News" questioning the town council's spending, the town clerk explains the reasoning behind the council's actions, describes the powers it has retained - and invites applications for this year's election of councillors

Stirring it up – then and now

The Campaign for a Democratic Rye might have failed in its original aims of bringing more democracy to local government, but it has not given up the fight and has re-emerged as a force campaigning for action in Rye

Birth of a new pressure group

A fresh start has been made by members of what was - until a short time ago - the Campaign for a Democratic Rye. This week activists gathered to work out how they will help to make the most of the town that they are so proud to live in. John Howlett reports . . .

Blood and gore at the King’s Head

This week Beer and Skittles visits the King's Head, Rye Hill, where butchers used to meet for a potent mix of beer, blood, gambling - and the tenderising of meat

Developers win planning row

Dismayed residents of Meryon Court have learnt that Rother District Council planners have given the developers of 53 Cinque Ports Street retrospective approval for the changes made to the original plans, seemingly without regard to their protests

Tackling or creating grot-spots?

Dear Editor I applaud the appointment of a town steward by Rye. But your photograph horrified me. Parking the steward's 4x4 on a grass...

Icklesham Veterans lead the way

Icklesham football teams suffered defeat, a pitch unfit for playing on and a last-minute change of venue. But the Veterans surged to victory and now top their League

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