Monthly Archives: February 2015

Paul Blomfield memorial service

Paul Blomfield , a well known figure in Rye, died on January 28. Following retirement as a civil engineer, he gave active support to many...

Town steward tackles grot-spots

Fed up with its decaying appearance, Rye has appointed its first town steward. Nicky Ledger, a local man, is busy cleaning up the streets, solving problems and making our town a better place in which to live and to visit

More give than take on Marshlink

A faster, direct rail service to London is jam tomorrow - if it comes off. For now, commuters on the Marshlink line would settle for a service they could count on and for rail operators to keep them in the loop when things go wrong. Stuart Harland went to the rail summit to get a handle on what goes on

A Javelin joyride at slow speed

Once the talking was done at Amber Rudd's rail special, there was something to make them all start talking again: a sedate ride in a high-speed Javelin that was too fast for its own good. It soon caught up with slower rail traffic and had to stop. Nick Taylor was aboard

Points scoring at rail summit

Amber Rudd hosted another rail summit at Hastings last week and had a Transport Minister there to make an on-message speech for the defending Conservative candidate in May's general election. But not all went clackety-clack for Rudd. She always talks of the Javelin project with absolute confidence, but the minister wasn't quite so definite, reports Nick Taylor

Made in Rye and fit for a queen

Mosaic ware, a version of Tunbridge ware, was once one of Rye's most notable products and much sought after. In the first talk of the year at Rye Museum, Viv Challens talks about her grandfather and his artistic contribution to the town

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