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Casuals make their point

Icklesham Casuals 2nd team gained an excellent point on Saturday March 14 in a 1-1 draw against high-flyers Punnetts Town, writes David Mayne. On...

Iden’s great cup run continues

Iden continued their cup form by reaching the semi-final of the Hastings Intermediate Cup, beating Hollington FC. In attack, they were very dangerous, but Hollington is a side that never gives up. Read the Iden goalie's match report here

Pretty saplings all in a row

A small army of volunteer gardeners rolled up their sleeves to get their hands dirty planting 300 saplings for the new community garden next to Love Lane allotments. Why not come and help next time? Volunteers are always welcome!

Let’s go to the movies!

This week's featured film showing at the Rye Kino is ‘Still Alice’ starring Julianne Moore (pictured above) in a heart-wrenching tale in which she plays a linguistics professor who is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Read on for reviews and links to trailers . . .

MP hits at Rother’s ‘failings’

The ongoing dispute between Rother council and Kris Hopkins, the Minister for Local Government, flared again on Wednesday, writes Tony Nunn. Hopkins sent a strong letter to Carl Maynard, Conservative leader of the council, which was headed "TRANSPARENCY: FAILINGS BY ROTHER COUNCIL". In January Maynard had replied to an earlier letter from Hopkins in which he defended his council's behaviour on such matters as not disclosing redundancy packages for senior managers. Those reasons are dismissed by Hopkins

£96k Partnership loss ‘not major’

Exchanges enlivened this year’s annual meeting of Rye Partnership when chairman Keith Glazier was confronted with questions from Anthony Kimber and organic farmer Christopher Strangeways. They wanted to know more about the money trail of the Partnership’s projects: a spending breakdown in detail because the accounts presented lacked the detail sought. At one stage Glazier described a £96,000 loss as “not major”, not one that gave the Partnership “any concern” though he did promise that a breakdown of that loss would be sent to Strangeways - a week later that promise has, as yet, to be kept. It also became apparent, after the meeting, that Rye’s town hall has never received minutes of any Partnership meeting. “No reports, summaries or minutes are sent/received,” said Richard Farhall, the Town Clerk. Neither do councillors on the board represent the town council. Sam Soustser says he represents Rother, Jo Kirkham says she represents Rye Voluntary Services

Cricketers win indoor league

After a tough season, Rye's indoor cricketers were finally crowned league champions, gaining promotion in advance of the new indoor season which starts later this year

Challenging questions to directors

The debate between directors of Rye Partnership, members and the public had no flash points but there were clear areas of concern. These included Tilling Green's new community centre, projects and financial losses. We publish some of the exchanges word-by-word . . .

Playing YouTube for all it’s worth

The three finalists in this year's Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition thrilled the audience with virtuoso performances. If you missed their battle for a cash prize and a concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, you can appreciate their bravura on Mike Figgis's short film

Rum goings on . . .

You'd expect to find booze in a boozer but the landlord of the Robin Hood ended up in court when the Inland Revenue and local constabulary discovered a quantity of smuggled spirits concealed about the property

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