Monthly Archives: April 2015

Southeastern trains ‘**** awful’

Southeastern slammed again and in no uncertain terms but this time by a top transport boss.

‘Stunning’ Tilling Green plans

The future of Tilling Green's community centre begins to take shape in public. Until now little has been known of the plans. But at a meeting this week many questions appeared to have been answered: on timing, design, facilities and proposals to work round flood risks in the area. Nick Taylor reports

Present is now in the Past

When you were a short of a gift idea or needed a card, something a bit arty, you could stroll into Past & Present in Rye's High Street. That's no longer an option. The Holmans - Margaret and Derick - have sold up, and finally, after years of promising to do so, retired to their roots - somewhere in East Anglia

Rother and you – the app

Outside a restaurant and have doubts about its cleanliness standards? Annoyed that your bins haven't been emptied? Sick of driving over potholes? Keep your lines of communication open with Rother council at all times of day or night, wherever you are with their new app

Michael’s long walk home

A local man has written about his experiences under the Nazis, enduring terrible hardships as a Prisoner of War, but surviving the "long walk" in below freezing conditions with little food and making it home to marry his sweetheart

Tracing the Woods

Anyone with the name Wood should hurry to either Adams in Rye, or Rye Old Books in Lion Street - to learn all about...

Digging into Winchelsea harbour

Leading academics shed light on the location and history of Winchelsea's long-lost medieval harbour at an exciting conference held in the town

A grinder comes to Rye

In the 9th in his series of Beer & Skittles columns, David Russell retells the story of the noble organ grinder who stayed at the Crown

BT – ‘lie after lie’

A Rye resident is sick of 'endless excuses' and 'repeated lies' about non-existent phone and broadband connections. The Ombudsman can't help, so what is the point of its existence?

Enraged or weary? – VOTE!

In the first outing for a new regular column in Rye News, which will feature a variety of writers, John Howlett kicks off with his thoughts about the General Election in a week's time and how another coalition government came to a sudden end as the result of a misjudged jibe

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