Monthly Archives: May 2015

Prelude to 2015 jazz festival

Ian Bowden, director of the Rye International Jazz Festival, held a party at Rye Retreat on Thursday April 30 to launch the Patron and Friend membership and event sponsorship programmes and announce some of the musicians who will appear at this year's spectacular event. Tony McLaughlin reports

District candidates questioned

District Council candidates met the people of Winchelsea in the run-up to this Thursday's election - and a popular question was 'who runs Rother ?' But the hustings also covered parking, planning and listed buildings. Richard Comotto reports

College fire disrupts exams

A mystery fire broke out on the first floor of Rye College on Tuesday, shortly after the end of GCSE exams for the day. Further exams have been postponed while the extent of the damage is established

Giving the wrong impression

Rye News, your online community newspaper, does not have a political affiliation. We are a not-for-proft group of volunteers, dismayed that a political pamphlet,...

A green elephant in the room

Talk about the elephant in the room. Have you noticed it during the election campaign? Sitting there in the corner with a rather puzzled look on its face. The elephant is the subject of environmental policies and it seems to have been ignored, even by the Green Party

Mayday, Mayday!

Morris dancers welcomed May Day in Rye Harbour on a chilly morning before moving on to Rye

Sailing club bakes off

Time to get baking and enter next Saturday's (May 9) Rye Harbour Sailing Club 'Bake Off' and win yourself a prize. The event is being staged in conjunction with People Tree to support World Fair Trade Day and in particular, to raise money to help Bombolulu Workshops in Mombasa, Kenya

Rye ‘could become an island’

A packed St Mary’s church took part in a general election hustings, hearing from the candidates for the Hastings and Rye constituency.  Deprivation, renewable energy and fishing quotas emerged as key and common issues. Hastings and Rye is a key target for the Labour in the forthcoming election. Seana Lanigan reports

Let’s go to the movies!

'The Imitation Game' starring Benedict Cumberbatch, pictured above, as cryptanalyst Alan Turing, returns to Rye tonight at the Rye Film Club. For details and previews of this and other movies showing in Rye over the next week, read Neale East

This May in ‘Fixtures’

Articles featured in this month's taster edition of Rye News, printed within Fixtures, are: One fight and a few scraps - a look at local elections Mindi,...

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