Monthly Archives: July 2015

Learning about healthier lives

Rother Voluntary Action organised an Activity Day on June 29 in the grounds of the Tilling Green community centre which focused on livelier, healthier...

‘Stand aside Rye Partnership’

Is there any need for the Rye Partnership to have a hand in the future of Tilling Green’s community centre, asks John Howlett? Let Rye’s town council take charge, he suggests; let it shape the future

Downsized TG centre is ‘too small’

The latest design for a Tilling Green community centre does not match the needs of the community, believes John Wylie, a Tilling Green resident. It would be suitable for a village, perhaps, but not for Rye town. He and others who use the hall have been given a preview of what it would look like. Here Wylie explains his opposition to the new proposal

A definition of soon, please

An irritated Rye resident wants to know how a well funded group acting for the economic future and wellbeing of the town can manage to be so long-winded. About 89 months ago, Rye Partnership's chairman expressed the earnest hope that its website would soon be back in action. A website would serve to inform us, tell us what the Partnership does, what it spends, project its vision for a better future. Would someone, any one of its directors - past or present - like to give us the lowdown on why there still isn't one? Here's an invitation to tell all . . .

Season ends with honours

Icklesham Casuals Football Club held its presentation evening at Azur in St. Leonards on Friday evening

Retreat saves bride’s big day

The bride was almost tearing her hair out, tears flooding down her cheeks, eyes red and puffy as she and the bridal party dialled around frantically trying to sort the disaster. And then a local hair salon stepped in . . .

This July in ‘Fixtures’

Be wary if you tread your way down Deadmans Lane, urges John Howlett A gold badge is awarded to a long-serving member of Rye Harbour's...

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