Monthly Archives: August 2015

Supermarkets shear farm prices

Neither farmers nor shoppers are getting fair deals from the supermarkets, says local farmer Simon Wright who is busy with the harvest. The sheep are getting shorn, but so are the producers he says. Will he get a price that covers his costs, and why is there such a gap between what he gets and what we get charged in the shops ?

Hoping for more sunshine

Hoping for another sunny weekend, the "Wipers" (pictured above, last weekend) is ready for another musical weekend with its outdoor stage overlooking the river...

Talking about dementia

A talk and a concert gives the community two chances to learn about and understand dementia.

Cuts making some poorer

Buses get us to work, the shops, school and college - but for how long ? Thousands of the poorest Rother residents, and possibly hundreds of young people having to stay in education, may suffer if two local councils decide on further cuts. However the choice is between these cuts, or other cuts, or higher taxes. The consultation periods close in September, so have your say. In the meantime the bus to education may become a bicycle

Country market blacked out

Friday's Country Market has been blacked out with drak drapes hanging from floor to ceiling and an entrance looking like the morning after a heavy party - not the usual surroundings for a market selling local produce, including flowers, vegetables, cakes and curries. Meet, for one weekend only, the Spectrum Jazz Lounge

Four coaches is step forward

Four-coach trains at last on the Marsh line - but only at weekends for the moment. But other improvements may be in the pipeline

Rye News takes stock

Rye News was launched last year after four months of experimenting and, four months later in September 2014, it got into its regular stride. So now, a year later, is a good time for an annual meeting to review progress and consider the future - on September 4 at 6:30pm in St Mary's Centre

Mayor visits Venetian fete

Rye mayor Bernadine Fiddimore together with other Cinque Port mayors attended the biannual Venetian Fete in Hythe with its procession of wonderful floats on the canal

Invitation from Friends

Tilling Green Community Friends (who befriend and look after their community) invite you to join them on Wednesday September 2 between 6:30pm and 8pm...

This big red bus is so healthy

What have a Big Red Bus and the Conquest Hospital got in common ? The answer is Healthwatch, formerly called Community Health Councils. To find out more visit Jempson's Car Park in Rye Saturday September 5 between 9 and 12.

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