Monthly Archives: October 2015

The cross, crescent – and stick?

A reader wrote in asking why the British Legion's "Poppy Appeal" featured sticks rather than the usual crosses. Seana Lanigan investigates

Save those in peril on the sea

Do you want to be a hero or heroine? Rye Harbour will soon be celebrating some past heroes. Learn about this essential service

Catwomen and men needed

Hundreds of cats and kittens have been helped locally by a charity. But it's now running out of volunteers

History that rose from the sea

Gazing to the East and down river the fragile nature of the Marsh and the ever present threatening tides become obvious - but what history lurks there ? A Museum speaker will tell all.

To charge or not to charge

After all the recent trading of insults from both sides, John Minter takes a considered look at the new parking charges at Jempsons. The business clearly has questions to answer, what are your views?

Rye vs. Jempson’s

A car park sized can of worms has opened up on supermarket Jempson's Facebook page. Complaints are streaming in. The tension between Rye residents and their local supermarket has reached boiling point. Sort of. And are Jempson's not-so-popular responses good PR? Judge for yourself as Britainy Rae highlights a small town's Facebook drama

Parking back on the agenda

Parking control problems come up before the town council again on Monday and there is also the question of what to do about the Landgate

Three men and a skeleton

Three men and a skeleton. Sounds like a book or a film title, doesn't it ? But actually, round the world, they are some of the best known men from Rye. Jean Floyd explains

Fame, food and fun

When did you last watch TV and think "why did they ever sign up to do that ?". Well, now you have an opportunity to learn. Seana Lanigan reveals all

Bridging for the hospital

An afternoon of bridge followed by a truly excellent tea is being held in aid of the Rye, Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital on...

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