Monthly Archives: November 2015

Exit visitors, enter scaffolds

In spring the bulbs flower and leaves unfurl. In autumn, scaffolding rises to the sky. Why?

Harbouring sweet smells

The aroma drifts into the road and Heidi Foster follows her nose on a personal shopping trip

The road to hell is paved . . .

Given the number of dogs seen around Rye and its environs, life presents one continuing challenge. Sarah Nelson reports

Mary Stanford remembered

A disaster is remembered. Heidi Foster gives a personal account

RBL welcomes new Padre

The Rye British Legion has appointed an old face to be the new padre

30th birthday for WI

The Landgate WI celebrated its 30th birthday this week. Joan Jones reports

Legion raises over £2,000

The British Legion in Peasmarsh raised significant funds for this year's Poppy Appeal

Cruising with a roar

Immaculate cars from a bygone era brought the town to a noisy halt as perfectly maintained classic cars toured the narrow streets

The clock ticked on

A framed poem was left on the war memorial on Remembrance Sunday. Rye News tracked down the author.. and the means by which it appeared there

Spicing up the festive season

The Harbour spice boys will be luring in prospective customers with Christmas treats this weekend. Pop in and have a glass of festive spirit!

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