Monthly Archives: December 2015

Aisles alive with stalls

Heidi Foster attended St Mary's Christmas Fayre last weekend (Saturday November 28) and picked out some snippets to share with Rye News readers

Expect a great day, December 12

With only a week to go, the timetable of events for Great Expectations on December 12 is now available . . . and last minute preparations are in hand

Rail services may improve

Rail users have received an update on new plans to improve services, but it won't happen just yet

Rooftop reply to climate change

As the world gathers in Paris to tackle climate change, Rye Academy Trust is making its contribution - up on the roof

Changes at the Post Office

How often do you use the Post Office? And is it open when you need it? Changes are taking place

Bellringers drop a clanger

Was it a firework ? Had a tourist got locked in the tower? Something definitely went bump in the night - but what?

Pastors looking to help

Bonfire Night can be a bit crazy - and sometime a helping hand can help - even if it's just with a lollipop. Seana Lanigan reports on a streetwise initiative.

Landmark fails to disappear

Here today, but not gone tomorrow. Yet another poster in a town full of posters. But what does it mean?

Sharks and other fishy tales

A thresher shark turned up in Rye at the weekend - but local fishermen may have other things on their minds. The shark found a new home . . . however

Santa Claus starts early

Christmas came early on Tilling Green as the Tilling Green Residents Association ( TGRA) held its annual Christmas Fayre. Dan Lake reports

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