Monthly Archives: December 2015

Taxi booth going places

There was no Lord Sugar, no Dragons just one man and his idea, which in just six months has grown. Dan Lake reports

Boosting Fair Trade

Fair Trade helps overseas producers in poorer countries get fair prices - but do you know who locally stocks such goods?

Windows spring into light

When darkness falls and our subtle street lighting throws shadows, some buildings take on a new lease of life. But do you recognise them all?

Santa’s Grotto kept busy

Sold out before he even started. Is he a pop star ? Is he a politician ? No, it's Santa

You may have missed . . .

Last Saturday was busy and if you missed something in Rye you are forgiven. The Christmas Pudding race seemed challenging, but so are other people

Scene setter at Great Dixter

Would you like to know what goes on behind the scenes in a great garden? Here is an opportunity

Road raging in Winchelsea

Residents of Winchelsea lament the increasing frequency of road rage incidents in the village. There is concern that one of these bad-tempered stand-offs might get out of hand - but is there a solution?

Children’s services face cuts

The County Council is proposing to cut children's services, which may hit families hard

Solving cashpoint corner

One of Rye's many parking black spots is where three cash machines are located at the bottom of West Street at the junction with the High Street. But what options are there?

And the mermaids swam fastest

Human beings stretched to their limits, nail biting competition, potential disaster, the Christmas Pudding Race had it all

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