Monthly Archives: January 2016

Arts Festival seeks new chairman

The annual meeting of the Rye Arts Festival will see a leadership contest

Bold and brassy ‘Winter Warmer’

A bit of brass should blow out the winter cobwebs

Found, an accidental encounter

A new art show opens at the Rye Creative Centre in New Road - but is it by accident ?

Swapping and socialising

Why has the Recycle Swap Shop been so successful over the last three years? Dan Lake talks to Mike Pepler

Plan prompts street outcry

As the latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan was being presented at St Mary’s Centre, stentorian cries could be heard along the High Street. But were they protesting against the proposals?

Food for thought – eat to win

Training and exercise needs to be matched with a healthy diet - but what does that mean? And why should drinkers beware ?

Woodland Trust seeks champions

Eight hundred years after a similar charter, plans are afoot for an updated Charter for Trees and local people are being asked to help

The rubbish saga continues . . .

Rother Council's contractors have not been collecting recycling bags from one house since Christmas. The owner is lost for words . . . nearly!

Body found on Camber beach

Something was fishy down on the beach, but the corpse was eventually correctly identified after an expert second opinion

Accident highlights black spot

Don’t assume that pedestrian crossings in Rye are safe. This one certainly is not as two victims can attest

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