Monthly Archives: January 2016

Eight groups receive cash awards

Eight groups line up to receive grants in the Town Hall - but who are they?

And first out of the trap is . . .

Is there an election? Is he selling something? And when is it all going to happen? Uncertainty rules

Police also want tax increase

The police want an increase in their share of your council tax - but for what?

Recognition for gunner colonel

Why has a former Winchelsea Mayor been searching for a field in Northiam and has just received a French award?

Garage on the move

A garage workshop has suddenly moved giving space for someone else to expand - but who, and where has the garage gone ?

Legion’s canine partners

Rye Branch of the British Legion, in association with former members of Rye RAFA and the Women's Section, will host Canine Partners  at the...

Unanswered questions remain

Changes are afoot at Jempson's, Rye's only supermarket. But is the future rosy? Charles Harkness opines

Kickboxers tapping through town

Not a sport for softies perhaps, but anyone can learn how to gain personal confidence through practising the art of self-defence

Eagles fly into the semis

After a few weeks without a game Beckley Rangers Eagles were finally back in action after a change in venue. Ashleigh Fraser reports

Let’s go to the movies!

The week's featured film at the Rye Kino is "The Revenant", telling the story of legendary explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) who, having been brutally attacked by a bear, and left for dead, must navigate a vicious winter in a relentless pursuit to live

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