Monthly Archives: February 2016

Music gets crowded out

Sometimes success can be a problem - particularly if you need space.

Library’s free book for kids

How can your children get a new free book - from the library

Lets go to the movies!

Coming up at the Rye Community Film Club next Friday March 4, the enchanting French film – La Famille Bellier - a normal couple, with two children and a small farm, differ from the norm in one major aspect…they, and their son Quentin, are all deaf. They rely on their daughter Paula to be their ears and voice but . . . .

Juggling life and art

Priscilla Ryan, wife of 'Captain Pugwash' creator John Ryan, is not only a talented artist in her own right but also an active contributor to life in Rye

Local hotel on award shortlist

The Gallivant have been shortlisted for a prestigious award - but do Rye locals do know much about the place ? Britainy Rae has been there to investigate

Shucks, time to get cutting

Get an expert lesson in opening scallops - and sample some delicious recipes down at the quay

Breakfast for entrepreneurs

Erica Smith invites you to a business breakfast at The Cross Inn, Staplecross on Friday March 4, and explains the mysteries of BNI (Business Network International)

Don’t miss the spicy tasters

Scallops and spice - go try it this weekend

New verge is Bournes

When one of their lorries destroyed a grass verge in Winchelsea, what did the company do ? Sadly it is not the norm

Foreign bodies at Love Lane

Suspicious-looking mounds of earth are appearing in the Community Garden

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