Monthly Archives: February 2016

Rubbish breeds sex and drugs

Residents want Rother District Council to get its act together and clean up the area as a local eyesore attracts criminal activity

Defend the gates plea

They have defended Winchelsea for 700 years. But will the ancient gates of the Ancient Town be destroyed by traffic? Residents call for action to defend the gates before it is too late

A tale of two festivals

Two festivals, both successful - one wants help, the other appears to be shutting up shop.

“Greens” are not fading away

Fears that the Greens (Rother Environmental Group) were fading away have been partially allayed

Harbour still dry

One pub closed is bad news, but when both are closed......

No go area for litter-pickers

Litter, litter everywhere - but nobody is allowed to clear it up

Time to say your bit . . .

Two meetings next week - with the Town Council and the police - could both prove lively

Health club getting results

We report on the goings on at a local health club

Football manager required

Rye Bay Football Club are looking for a enthusiastic, committed person (male or female) to manage the up and coming under 8 team from...

Change, but where’s the action?

One group wound down, another emerged - but what has happened?

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