Monthly Archives: July 2016

Rother Youth Group hold fete

Youth group, formed in March this year by dynamic 18 year old student, attracts support at its first Summer fete

Winchelsea open gardens

Hard work produces beautiful gardens

Knot tied by lifeboat crew

Being a member of a lifeboat crew can bring happy events as well as difficult ones

A visit from Rye to Belfast

Rye travels to Belfast, Northern Ireland

Now music too at the King’s Head

Kings Head, Rye Hill - good food, B&B and now music.

Rye Lunch Club for Carers

A local charity giving much needed support to carers

Verge dispute ends in surprise

A Winchelsea resident who objected to historical tours looking at his house from the road and claimed ownership of the verges outside his house prompted enquiries which have revealed that, not only does he not own the verges, but he does not own his front garden!

Tragedy at Camber Sands

Camber was heaving last weekend and the sea looked tempting, but it proved perilously deceptive for some bathers

Hoof burgers in the Mint

A new burger restaurant opens up in the town

Successful day for Camber Fete

A perfect day for the Camber village fete

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